Slow Fashion+ Ethical Production

We prioritize operating on principles of Slow Fashion and Ethical Production including

  • Transparency across our production processes
  • Providing fair equitable wages 
  • Co-creating working conditions that are collaborative and prioritize the wellbeing, familial and health commitments of each person. 

Every garment is thoughtfully designed and made of durable, high quality natural fibers including linen, soft hemp and cotton. 

There is a fluid, playful nature to the clothes we like to attribute to designer Nai Kornwan Nantilai and her team. They embody those aspects of Thai culture that prioritizes playfulness and a willingness to find fun in the day to day. 

Slow Fashion describes a shift in attitude toward clothing, focusing on sustainability, production practices, and thoughtful consumption.

It involves investing in quality durable pieces, usually made of natural fibers. Where artists and seamstresses are remunerated fairly. 

Think of it as fashion with a purpose, where style meets sustainability. Rather than focusing on rapid production and large quantities, Slow Fashion places importance on well made pieces, made by people, offering enduring styles, with ethically sourced materials, and fair labor practices.

We want to feel good about our contributions and the things we consume. If you do too, come along on the journey with us. Let’s make sweet memories. 

Nicola Kapala

Making quality products with care and love

Our Team in Thailand