We are a small business, founded by Nicola Kapala 2022 and sustained by a small and mighty team of collaborators.

Nicola envisioned Nomadic Collections brand as a portal to showcase artists and their timeless designs. 

Inspired by opportunities travel provides for connections and learning Nicola and her partner Steven develop collaborative partnerships to share what they love and celebrate the artists of the world. 

Beginning with the fluid clothing designs of Nai Korwan made of soft hemp, linen and cotton, we are expanding in the coming year with new designs from Nai and collaborations with more artists to bring you designs for your being and abode. 

Here at Nomadic Collections, we align witht the 4 P’s of business: People, purpose, planet, and profit.

People: We team up with designers and makers who share our commitment to fair labor practices and wages. We choose to do business with people that are kind, honest and understand the value of human connection.

Quality and Value: Our intention is to offer you quality natural products that align with your values and bring you joy.

Purpose: We believe business can be a conduit for good, bringing income and providing working conditions that prioritize health wellbeing and community. By sharing what we love, in the highest good of all we believe we can and do make a difference.

Our Planet: The way we make our clothes revolves around minimizing waste. We use eco-friendly packaging, and our clothes are made of natural, renewable resources that are good for our bodies and the planet. As we progress we will continue to look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and give back to our communities.

Profit: Fair compensation is crucial to us. Everyone involved in our journey, from seamstresses to artists, deserves to be compensated fairly. And of course, we need to sustain our business too, so we can keep growing and bringing you more swoon-worthy products.

Circularity of Life: We're firm believers in the interconnectedness of all living beings. That's why we're committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment in everything we do. We’re not perfect, but this is our intention, always. 

Thanks for being part of our journey towards a more sustainable, ethical future where we all thrive, together.

Have you met our founder?

Interview with Nicola Kapala with team member Sonya Martinez

Sonya: Please tell our readers who or what inspired you to start Nomadic Collections.

Nicola: My interest in Slow fashion began out of a deep desire to align my personal values with my work. Growing up, I watched my mother run her own business with integrity and commitment, which gave me a personal model and desire for ethical entrepreneurship. A few years ago, I shifted my career from integrative health to design, knowing that I wanted to create something that reflected my values of sustainability, fair wages, and cultural exchange. Nomadic Collections was born out of this vision.


Sonya: Say more about the relationship between your personal values and Nomadic Collections.


Nicola: Personal values are at the core of Nomadic Collections. We focus on ethical production, using natural fibers, and ensuring a healthy work environment for our designers and everyone involved. It's about creating products that are made in a good way, respecting both people and the process of producing high-quality garments and the planet. This approach not only aligns with my values but also resonates with our customers who care about sustainability and ethical fashion.


Sonya: Speaking about incredibly well-crafted clothing that resonates with customers, I'm thrilled with my cocoa-colored crossover skirt pants. The fit is perfect and fluid; they're incredibly soft. I've worn them for days at a time, traveling and even twirling around my home, feeling carefree and loving every minute of it.

Speaking of travel, I know that another love of yours is travel, with an extra side of adventure and ease. What role does/will travel play in Nomadic Collections


Nicola: Travel has always been a significant part of my life. It allows me to connect with different cultures and gain a broader perspective of the world. Through Nomadic Collections, we aim to capture the spirit of freedom and fluidity that travel brings. Our clothing reflects this ethos, promoting self-expression and a sense of adventure. By offering retreats and experiences, we hope to inspire others to explore and connect with the world in meaningful ways. 

Sonya: I personally know bits and pieces but tell us more about your connection to Thailand and how it influences your work. 

Nicola: I first visited Thailand 24 years ago and immediately connected with the culture and the women I met there. Many of them were self-employed and came from small villages, working hard to support their families. This experience stayed with me, and when I decided to transition into fashion, Thailand naturally became a part of that journey. Our retreats and curated experiences in Thailand will allow us to share the beauty and artistry of Thai textiles with our community.


Sonya: I know creating and experiencing life in a community is a heart song of yours.  Can you give our readers any other details about the all-inclusive retreat experiences that Nomadic Collection will offer in Thailand?

Nicola:  Starting in 2025, we plan to offer immersive slow fashion tours and textile workshops in Thailand. Our guests will have the opportunity to explore local markets, learn about traditional Thai textiles, and possibly create custom-made clothing. These experiences are designed to connect people with the origins of our products and the designers who make them, fostering a deeper appreciation for slow fashion.


Sonya: The more I learn about Slow Fashion, the less intimidated I feel about it. I choose this mindful lifestyle, which perfectly blends with my personal “Slow Down, Enjoy the Moment” Mantra that’s daily becoming more of a reality.

Speaking of community, wise choices, and finding your own style and flow, where do you see Nomadic Collections in the next five years?

Nicola: In the next five years, I envision Nomadic Collections continuing to expand our offerings in terms of products and experiences. We will stay true to our values of care for each other and the earth, promoting self-expression and playfulness through our designs. Our retreats and curated experiences in Thailand will grow, providing more opportunities for people to connect with the origins of our brand and the artisans behind our products. Ultimately, I hope to inspire joy and a sense of belonging in everyone who joins our community.

Sonya: I appreciate you taking the time to let us get to know you and Nomadic Collections on a personal level. Do you have a parting message or encouragement to offer our customers and readers?

Nicola: My hope is that our clothes help you feel more self-expressive and joyful. When you wear our pieces, we want you to feel good in your body and confident in your style. Every purchase supports ethical production and fair wages, positively contributing to our environment. We also look forward to creating more opportunities for our community to come together through pop-up events and retreats, fostering connections and shared experiences.


Sonya: Thank you, Nicola, for sharing your journey and vision this afternoon. You are delightful to know and your clothing is a joyful experience! We look forward to seeing Nomadic Collections grow and continue to positively impact our lives and the world around us.