Nomadic Collections is grateful to partner with fellow creatives who value sustainability and community wellbeing. Who show up to relationships and their work forged in the spirit of the highest good for all. These are some of the inspiring people who have shared their wisdom and support.

designer - Nai Nantilai

Nai thinks about two things most days: Taking care of the people in her life and coming up with innovative ideas for her businesses.

When I see her most days she’s bringing food to someone, sometimes I’m the lucky one, or she’s overseeing her next project, making sure her people have what they need. 

Nai’s hallmark style is to say “yes” and figure things out. She makes decisions with her heart and works diligently to create quality designs and opportunities for those she loves. 

We first met when I discovered Nai’s designs as I was leaving Chiang Mai Thailand. I fell in love with the soft linen and hemp material and the fluid elegant nature of each piece. When my partner and I returned months later I approached Nai with the idea of collaborating and represent her clothes in my new venture Nomadic Collections. 

Front that time on Nai has opened her heart and community to us, sharing what she loves and inviting us introducing us to the people and places in her world. Since that fateful first meeting our relationship has grown. 

She has taken me to her Buddhist retreat center for a silent meditation on my own, and to her land where she grew up picking fruits and vegetables with her grandparents. Wherever Nai goes she brings offerings, often in the form of food and flowers. Her effervescent nature and child like delight in her culture and her life is infectious and warms my heart to be around. I am continually touched by her generosity and the way she cares for her team and her community. 

Nai’s personal style is impeccable. She shows that height isn’t a barrier to wearing whatever inspires her. 

Every day she shows up with a new ensemble I wish I had thought up. 

We take pleasure in sharing design ideas, appreciating good quality fabrics, and sharing meals. Nai is a wonderful cook and shows her care by cooking.  Growing up on a farm she continues to stay true to her roots and love for the earth, sourcing everything from the local markets and delighting in what she creates. 

I look forward to embarking on a new venture together in 2024, offering wellness retreats and cultural tours in and around Chiang Mai Thailand. 


Earn calls herself a Digital Creator, but she does so much more. We first met when she interviewed to be a model for Nomadic Collections. I was taken in by what I saw was a quiet confidence and inner intelligence. Besides her beauty it was her energy that made me want to work with Earn. 

She’s also a restaurateur, designing and operating two noteworthy establishments in Chiang Mai, Barefoot  and Pohsop .  When she’s not catering events or helping her staff she may be found giving a Thai-English language lesson or attending a Tantra class. 

From the early days Earn has been a support for Nomadic Collections. As we’ve grown Earn has helped with language interpretation and navigating Thai culture. 

Her entrepreneurial spirit and genuine kindness endear us to her. We are grateful for the role she’s played in our growth, and we look forward to finding ways to collaborate and support one another in our upcoming ventures. 

Follow Earn on Insta @meetmeheretomorrowat9pm

Sonya Martinez

Seasoned c-suite NFP Professional, Advocate, Cheerleader, Mom

Sonya first came on board to help craft language for our website. It became apparent early on that she offers so much more. She’s an ideas person, a champion of people, and an innovator.  She’s unafraid to say the bold thing that will help people do the thing they need to do, and she does it with love.

In her words:

"Through diverse experiences, I've journeyed to and with communities nationally and internationally, providing support and advocating for those often overlooked or forgotten. Whether through projects or local involvement, my passion lies in service, gathering, and rallying a community around local and global concerns that affect humanity's well-being.